GRE Resources

There is a ton of information about the GRE available online. Much of it is unclear, outdated, or expensive. As a tutor I found a lot of students lost and intimidated by this. I would constantly be referring them to resources I found useful. This page lists all those resources and will provide you with links to answer the questions you may have concerning the GRE.

Taking the test

Two of the biggest qustions everyone wants to know about taking the test are:
  1. How much time does the test take?
  2. On average it takes 4 hours. This will vary on the number of sections you recieve.
  3. What does the test consist of?
  4. The test consists of three measures. Each measure will have at least two sections.
    1. Analytical Writing
    2. Verbal Reasoning
    3. Quantitative Reasoning

The analytical writing sections will be the first two sections of the test. They will be followed by alternating verbal and quantitative sections (in no particular order). If you receive a third section in either the verbal or quantitative measure it will be unscored as explained below.

The unscored or experimental section may appear randomly (don't try to guess wich section this is) in any order after the two writing sections. This section will not count towards (for/against) your score. It will consist of either the verbal/quantitatve reasoning section.

The research section will be the last section of the test. Like the unscored section it will not count towards your score. The difference is that you will be informed it is the research section. Make sure you read the text before starting each section.

Test Scores

Getting your scores
  • Unofficial scores will be shown at the end of the test
  • Official scores will be reported 10-15 days after your test date
  • Test scores are valid for 5 years
  • You can take the test once every 21 days up to 5 times in a 12-month period
Sending your scores
  • At the end of the test you will be allowed to send your scores to 4 institutions (included in test fee)
    • Make sure you know the 4 schools by the time you take the test
  • Sending any additional scores will cost $27 per institution
  • ScoreSelect Option
    • At the end of the test you can decide if you want to send your scores
    • If you have taken the test multiple times, you can choose to send any scores you have on record
What's a good score?

This is a rather difficult question to answer as everyone has their own goals, but here is a great explanation from Magoosh to this question.

The following links further break down scores depending on your situation:

Preparing for the test

Regardless of what study plans you choose to follow, one resource you should look at is the PowerPrep Software from ETS which includes two full length simulated practice tests.
In my opinion the best GRE books available are the Official GRE books. They are the only books containing actual GRE questions used in previous tests. ETS (makers of the test) does not allow other publishers to use the exact questions. This means other publishers have to modify the questions, making them harder or easier than what they are meant to be.
Some other resources to take a look at: