Brain Computer Interface (BCI)

To learn about BCI's check out the open online course on YouTube by Christian Kothe titled: Introduction To Modern Brain-Computer Interface Design . The course does an awesome job giving an overview of the BCI components. For anyone interested I recommend starting with the following lectures:
To see what a BCI can do, watch this short video from the University of Minnesota!
The following lectures provide a bit more detailed examples of what can be done with BCI's:
  • Lecture 5.1 - Task - an example using the flanker task
  • Lecture 7.1 - Basics and Examples - an example on how one could distinguish between left and right hand movements

EEG Data

There are many differnt sources for getting EEG data to work with.
  • Physionet - Has data from 109 different volunteers performing 14 different trials consisting of executed and imagined hand and leg movements.
  • Physiobank ATM - Toolbox that allows you to view and download the data available on Physionet.